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New Zealand, we know how important this election is, and we know you know how important we know this election is. That is why, for months now, we have been in search of a strong, experienced and capable deputy leader for our party, one that would be prepared to take the reigns in the event …

In every country, there are political parties. This is an alliance of like-minded people who recruits people to run for public office, present policies to voters, and accept responsibilities for operating the government. These political parties compete with each other to gain political power and have the ability to put their philosophies and policies into effect. An individual doesn’t need to formally belong to a party. He/she can demonstrate party identification through voting for the candidates of the political party that he/she supports.

Political parties get their funds through contributions from party members and individual supporters, organizations, and from taxpayers through the grants or state aid and public funding. If you plan to donate to a political party, it doesn't have to be cash. Some of them accept coupons like couponcode Jovago and use these to buy things in online shops that they need for their office or political campaigns.

Our society today pays too much attention about everyone fitting the definition of being ‘beautiful’. It feels like that you need to look presentable all the time even if you are simply going to throw your trash outside. This is a real situation, especially if you are a famous person like an actor or a political figure. You can observe that the media pays attention to the fashion trends even in politicians and their family members. When there are special gatherings, people will always comment about their clothes. Some supporters even go to extremes by copying some politicians’ style of clothing. You can easily do this because of coupon yesstyle, which will give you discounts, freebies, and access to private sale of beautiful clothes. Some of the famous style icons in the world of politics are the current First Lady of U.S. Michelle Obama and the wife of Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

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Annual General Meeting 2014


People of New Zealand, we have an announcement to make; one that you could have already learned about two days prior had you read the back page of the news, or if you are that sort of person who reads the Electoral Commission website on a daily basis because you’re just so passionate about voting. …

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The Civilian Party on Q&A


On Sunday, Civilian Party leader Ben Uffindell sat down with Susan Wood on Q&A to discuss referenda, working with Winston Peters, and whether former National Party leader Don Brash is allowed to join the party. Click here to watch the full interview.

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The Civilian Party on The Nation


This morning, leader of the Civilian Party, Ben Uffindell, was interviewed by Patrick Gower on TV3′s The Nation, where he laid out the party’s plans for tax reform, ice-cream and promised a llama for every poor child. You can watch the full interview by clicking here, as well as view some of the extremely positive …

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Welcome to the Civilian Party


Nation, the Civilian Party of New Zealand is now live. On this day, four hundred years ago, our ancestors first came to these shores from America. At that time, they saw ahead of them a better and more prosperous life in New Zealand. They did not see the dark clouds of uncertainty and despondency that …

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Information is vital in our daily lives. We always need to be informed of what is happening around us. In our society, we may either belong to a group or none at all. Each group may have its own shared vision and values. One group may be dominant than the other, but it does not mean that it is always beneficial to all. We may enter into a certain group if we believe that we have the same advocacy. Most of us, if not all, strive to make our nations to become better. But, sometimes, we cannot move if we do not have any fund. That is the reason why sometimes we need to accept donations to reach our objectives. Donations are not always in the form of cash. We could actually accept and collect the latest promotional and discount codes to form part of donations. We could check to understand how to donate discount and promo codes.

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